Norton Antivirus connects many entities as it works to protect your home and business computer from malware. Some of these connections are automatically attempted to communicate with remote web server software and solve your Norton antivirus error. Other people are found as you work on your computer when you execute specific tasks. Inability to connect is not preventing the program from operating on one side, it is important to solve all the connection problems you want to keep your system safe. 

Norton Antivirus is an anti-malware software that uses malware, trojan and harmful spyware to diagnose and remove malicious viruses. But consider a scenario when facing those problems, while setting up the scanning and establishing this antivirus software. So if Norton’s trusted customer is facing the issue, while malicious programs are unable to fix scanning and Norton virus problem, compared to those professionals (Norton Customer Support Numbers) which are associated with this antivirus software, Need to connect with is a solution. 

LiveUpdate Connection Issues in Norton Antivirus

LiveUpdate helps keep your updates updated automatically by downloading new files from Norton. If you can not connect an application to LiveUpdate, say an error, then launch your browser and visit the Symantec website (link to the resource). Restart your computer if you think that can not connect to the site. After this, launch Norton and then “LiveUpdate” if you use Norton Antivirus or Norton Internet Security. Otherwise, click “Work” and then click “Run LiveUpdate” if you wait for the Norton 360 LiveUpdate display “latest Norton product update your Norton product” and click “OK.” Restart your computer after you close all your programs.


Failed to open secure sites Norton Antivirus

Websites that may not be able to connect to Norton360 or Norton Internet Security after you upgrade to Norton Antivirus. A secure site, such as an online bank, is included in the “https” URL at the beginning; More importantly, this information encrypts as you communicate with the site. To start Norton and click on “LiveUpdate”, you can solve this problem using Norton Internet Security. If you use Norton 360, click “Tasks” and then click “Run LiveUpdate.” “OK” when you see “Your Norton product is now click the latest security update.”

Check computer time: You need to check the system time of your PC and if it is not set correctly try to reset the system clock and apply the changes restart the system.

Remove Old Version of Norton: With the help of the Norton Removal Tool, the user is completely completely with all Norton antivirus and using this tool can only reinstall those antivirus software by removing associated files.


Uninstall other antivirus: It is necessary to remove all other antivirus installed in your system, so Norton can run smoothly without facing any loopholes.

Norton Antivirus Email Server Connection Problems

If you send an email, your Internet Service Provider or ISP of your recipient can send an error message if it thinks that the email is spam, or that you sent an attachment larger than the ISP permit. This is the reason that the error message says, “Want to send your email because the connection to the mail server was unable to interrupt Read More about This Article: STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO FIX NORTON ANTIVIRUS ERROR. You may also see the message that the email addresses you typed is incorrect or if it does not exist. Solve the problem by running a full Norton system scan and then running Live Update. If that is not right, contact your ISP for additional help.


How to Fix Norton Antivirus Scan Problem

Norton Antivirus works like a protective armor for computers and laptops, but in order to correct the imperfections the users need to fulfill the troubleshooting steps outlined below then to face the complexity if it is shielded:

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