Microsoft 0xc0000225 error on Windows 10 is seeing error when you try to boot your PC? This common error is a big pain because it completely prevents your PC from being booting. Thankfully, you can usually fix this error with a bit of work. We will tell you how to fix the error code 0xc0000225 on Windows 10. 

What is the error code 0xC0000225? 

You will see this error code when you try to boot your PC. A message telling Windows needs a repair of your PC and displays it with an unexpected error. Sometimes it also says that no necessary device is connected or not accessible. Microsoft Windows throws this error when it does not find the right system files for boot. This important information is known as Boot Configuration Data, or BCD. When you turn on your PC, it tells Windows how to boot properly. This error disk is more common on the use of the new UEFI specification with the GPT partition plan from the old setup. 


About this ‘windows’ message is a little ambiguous, so we will need to put it on our windows troubleshooting cap to solve it. 

Install a Windows 10 Disc 

Like other boot errors, you can not troubleshoot this problem from within Windows. Thus, you will need to install a Windows 10 work disk so you can run repair tools from there. Follow our guide to create Windows 10 installation media to get the discs needed. 

You will need a flash drive with at least 8 GB of space, or a DVD. Note that to create a Windows 10 disk will erase everything present on the drive, then we use an empty flash drive or DVD. 

Once you’ve created your media installed, insert it into your computer. Press the appropriate key to open the boot menu, and to load the Windows 10 disk from your external device. 


Step 1: Windows Automatic Repair 

· First of all, you want to try the underlying problem solving of Windows 10.

· This system automatically checks for issues and has attempted to fix them automatically. Hopefully, it will repair your corrupt BCD so that you can get back to work.


· After installing the disc after booting from your Windows 10, wait until you see the Windows Setup screen.

· Confirm your language option and then click Next.

· When you see the install screen now, click on your computer link in the repair instead of the bottom left side.


You will see a menu of options; Troubleshooting Select advanced options. From the Advanced Options menu, select Auto Repair. If you have to go through the process, then restart your computer. 

Please try again to boot normally. Error code 0xc0000225 is not popped up, you have fixed the problem! 


Step 2: Check manual SFC Run and Disk Scan 

If Windows auto repair does not work, then you can try some important system to scan yourself. To do this, repeat the above process to open the Advanced Options menu, but do not select automatic repairs. Instead, choose a command prompt to open a command line interface.


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