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Error code 0x8007007B is an issue, while the computer is trying to activate Windows happens. The depiction of the error is composed “File name, directory name, or volume name syntax isn’t right.” This for the most part guides the user to the control panel to activate Windows. 

Windows Error Code 0x8007007B 

The issue is generally observed when utilizing Windows 7/8 and 10 to utilize volume authorized media. Ordinarily this issue additionally emerges, to install Windows Server commonly this issue likewise shows up as 0x8007232b. There are distinctive approaches to solve the issue; the arrangement will work if the product key is available. 


Solutions For The error code 0x8007007B 

The issue can be baffling, in any case, the solutions available underneath help in unraveling this effectively and rapidly. 


Solve 1 - Using Active Windows Phone 

· This arrangement requires a telephone call to Microsoft with the goal that they activate Windows. Here are the means given underneath for this.


· To utilize the Search menu, click on the Start key on Windows 8 or press the Windows key + F to open the Search menu on Windows 7/8/10.

· Type “slui.exe 4" and press Enter in the following in search space. A similar run request can be utilized. Simply press the Windows key + R to open the run command and press “slui.exe 4" and press OK.


· From the subsequent telephone actuation window, select the country starting from the drop options and telephone enactment options.

· The reclaimed window will show a without toll number that you can call for initiation.


· To get the enactment code, you should provide your installation ID. Once issued, they will issue the code. 

Solve 2 - Using Active Windows Command Prompt 

· Click on the Windows key to open the Start menu.

· Find the following “cmd” search bar. Right-click on the Command Prompt choice and select “Run as Administrator”.


· In the command prompt window, type the following code “slmgr.vbs - ipk”. Additionally, type the enactment key, and afterward press Enter. Along these lines, the request ought to be this way.

· Slmgr.vbs - ipk <Activation key>

· Once the request goes, the product key will be shown.

· Finally, type “slmgr.vbs - ato” and press enter to activate windows.

· Restart the computer so the progressions happen. 

Solve 3 - Usage discourse to settle the error 

Utilizing this command prompt can solve this baffling issue. Here are the means to do this. 


· “Search for” cmd “on the Windows key.

· Open the command prompt from the available options. Click “yes” in the event that it prompts you to run it with administrator rights.


· Press the command prompt window write “slui 3" and press Enter.

· Enter the Windows Product Key in the discourse that shows up in lieu of it.

· Once finished with the strategy, restart the computer. Windows will now be active and the errors will vanish. 


Solve 4 - Run SFC Command 

· Start the menu and go to the search for the following “cmd”.

· Right-click on the command prompt and select Options “Run as Administrator”.

· In this command prompt window compose “sfc/scannow 

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