Windows 10 is currently available with the expectation of complimentary already for Windows 10, and you can update it through the App Store for nothing. However, numerous users, including me, have a problem, while looked with refreshing Windows 10. You may also be experiencing an error code 0x80240031 while refreshing, and it is extremely irritating in light of the fact that you can not push through with updates. So how would you dispose of or correct the error code 0x80240031 while refreshing Windows 10? There are numerous reasons we are getting this error. Furthermore, beneath are a few methods on how you can most likely fix it. This is certifiably not a 100% arrangement in light of the fact that a few users assert that it worked for them, while others don’t. Simply ahead and check beneath, simply read the main warning and disclaimer.

While refreshing 0x80240031: How to enhance the Windows 10 error code

Before you try to update Windows 10 that you can have a steady and quick web association. The span of the update is 3.62GB! This is the reason that almost downloading the full version of Windows 10. It is also recommended that you try to download or update amid off-top hours on your locale or country.


Method 1: Using the sfc/scannow method

· Press Windows Button + X on your keyboard, a smaller than expected exchange box will appear.

· Pick the command prompt (Admin). You should run a command prompt in the admin level.

· Enter the command prompt write sfc/scannow and hit

· On the off chance that all was well and where no error was found, restart your computer and try to update again


· On the off chance that errors found where, try utilizing DISM to fix it.

· One Command Prompt Window Type Dism/Online/Clean-Image/RestoreHealth

· After the repair is finished, restart your computer and try to update now.

Method 2: Try Automated Repair

· To search or hit Windows Button + Q

· Search click “Settings” is found on the correct side and sort advanced startup options and press enter


· It will open PC settings in ordinary class. Look down and search for “Advanced Startup” and click

· Restart Now.

· Click troubleshooting and after that click Advanced choice, at that point at long last hit Auto Repair


Method 3: Refresh Now

· The means given here are the same as method 2, since they are found on a similar menu/setting.


· Go to search or hit Windows button + Q

· Search click “Settings” is found on the correct side and sort advanced startup options and press enter


· It will open PC settings in ordinary classification. Look down and search for “Refresh your PC without influencing your files” and click Start when you are ready. Simply follow the directions from that point. Make sure to back up your files. You can lose information on the process.

Method 4: Try all and fall flat, and try again

Approve, you’ve taken a stab at everything and still you can not update Windows 10 because of error code 0x80240031 I also found that with the tolerance and diligence of different users, Windows 10 could hit again to hit again or in the wake of trying again on the button. A few users assert that they were at long last simply trying again straightforward and could update Windows 10 much of the time and again.


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