Error 0x80070490 is a corrupted file or condition code in the system component store or in the component based servicing (CBS) with the procedure signal code. Both services are running and the responsibility of maintaining all Windows related update operations is the responsibility. Any damage or corruption may have to render passive Windows Update component within their files. 

Error 0x80070490 Most of the time when applying a system update via WU (Windows Update) or when an app has encountered updates from download from Microsoft Store. The issue is also known to appear when Windows 10 is updating in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, some users have reported seeing the error 0x80070490 trying to purchase an application or game from Microsoft Store. 

The reason that 0x80070490 can trigger is many, but there is a quick list of the most common criminals here: 


· 3-party antivirus is creating a conflict that is stopping by installing updates.

· Corrupted files in component-based servicing (CBS) or in system component tores.

· Some services required for WU are disabled manually.

· Corruption within the registry files

· Now when we know the reasons, get to the fixing part of it. Below you have a collection of methods that found users effective in fixing 0x80070490 error. In order to follow each method, you encounter a fine that works for your situation. lets start. 


Method 1: Disable 3rd party antivirus suites 

Before you troubleshoot with the methods given below, it is important to check for a software conflict. WU (Windows Update) is designed to work with built-in security solutions (Windows Defender). If you have installed a 3rd party antivirus suite, make sure that the built-in solution has been disabled to avoid the order software conflict. 


But even though Windows Defender has been disabled, some external anti-malware suites are not in a hurry to give you the necessary permissions to complete updates. To make sure this is not a problem because of your antivirus, disable real time protection and firewall from it. Then, restart your machine and try to apply the update again. 

Complete the update successfully, you will need to restore your 3rd party antivirus or look for a better option. You get the same 0x80070490 error, move method 2 down. 


Method 2: WU Repair with Windows Repair Suits 

Windows Repair is a Freemium Sub-In-One Repair Tool which is known to fix a large number of common windows problems, including problems related to Windows Update. It is compatible with every recent Windows version and will automate a lot of troubleshooting steps for you. 


Repair strategies for WU works very well and can be deployed from the free version of Windows Repair. Here’s a quick guide on how to improve Windows Update Services with Windows Repair: 

· Download and install Windows repair from this link (here).

· Open Windows Repair, select Repair - Click on the main tab and open repair.

· In the repair window, use the drop-down menu under Repair to select the Windows Update Preset. Once the repair strategies are selected, click the Start Repair button and wait for the process to complete. 


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