I had a troubleshooting appointment as late as an HP that could not be installed as a printer default printer in all. When I tried to default to it, a message box saying “Task error 0x00000709" can not be finished.” In contrast with the other, it appeared to work fine. I also removed all the printer software through “Projects and Features” after a Windows system registry scan in the Windows Control Panel. Still no satisfaction - I installed clean printer software at that point. 

After this, I started error message “error 0x00000709" error message “Could not complete the activity” on the Internet. I ran more than the classification of the solution, which I have not tried consistently with good fortune. This is the thing that I need to troubleshoot a little problem: 

Fix Error Error 0x00000709 Printer Can Not Install On Windows 10 

· Type in “regedit” “search program and files” in the content box, the key was pop-up menu that appears subsequent to clicking on the Windows “Start Button” in the lower left corner of the Windows desktop screen.


· After this, click “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” in the left hand panel of the Windows Registry Editor.

· After that “Software” followed by “Microsoft” and the following “Windows NT”.

· Under “Windows NT” entry, click “CurrentVersion” and after that “Windows”.

· Now, one of the passages you should find in the correct hand sheet is “Tools”. Under “Data” field, there is an option that is other than utilizing Price Printer for the prominent, so feature the “device” in the correct hand sheet with the mouse and press Delete key to remove it.

· Restart the computer so it starts with the Windows System Registry change. 

After the Windows desktop appears again, you should have the ability to assign your printer as default and not go to the “printer” field and receive the “Error 0x00000709" error message that could not be concluded. 


After the ability to designate the default printer, you can skip the appropriate time for more work from the long haul. The reason for this is that you do not need to set your target printer in the printer dialog box - since it is set to default that it is already selected. 

Later, I think that these printer software traders should work to make a more focused work to remove these wrong classes in their Windows system registry. When their software is being uninstalled. They can translate astounding error messages to individuals without the foundation of truly repairing IT or computer repair and feel that an answer can not be expected to push forward the ability. Actually, even most IT experts would be required to go online and research for the system with the goal that they could solve it. 


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